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Friends of Townlands Hospital

Supporting Patients in Townlands Hospital

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Another year comes to an end.

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (4)
Another year at Townlands comes to an end, and it has been a successful year for The Friends of Townlands in terms of allocating our charitable resources to timely and appropriate donations to the hospital and visiting consultants. In particular, the Ultrasound Scanner for Rheumatology, and the Clavis device. The Clavis provides muscle and nerve localization wherever needed to accurately guide and monitor injection of medicinal products. It provides EMG recording with audio and stimulation ranging from 0-15 mA with speed and reliability while efficiently operating on battery power.

We will continue to identify new areas where our funds can be put to good use in making any patient's visit to Townlands as good an experience as it can be.

Our AGM will be held at Townlands on Wednesday May 22nd at 7pm, and all are welcome.