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Friends of Townlands Hospital

Supporting Patients in Townlands Hospital

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An Invitation to Join Our Committee

Posted on December 18, 2019 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (382)

Friends of Townlands Memorial Hospital

This treasured local Charity was set up by public meeting in Henley in 1955 and is still run by local Trustees as a purely voluntary body.

Funding comes from small annual membership subscriptions, social fundraising events, donations and legacies. 

We focus on carefully considered purchases and initiatives to help augment the provision of “one stop`’ medical services at our valued Community Hospital and to enhance the “patient experience”.

Our Committee includes medical representatives who help appraise the quality of any bids to our fund.

Recently funded items are a treadmill, ultrasound scanner, bladder scanner, neurological and ophthalmic equipment.

We also funded production of a Townlands patient services brochure and refreshments for the free Health Talks provided in the Hospital for the local community.

If you’d be interested to join us, our Committee meets up to 4 times a year, including an Annual General Meeting.

For 2020, we need to recruit a qualified Accountant to prepare the Annual Springtime Audit of our Accounts (drafted by our Hon Treasurer) and a new Chairperson to take over during the year.

All enquiries, please call Judith Nimmo-Smith (Chair of Trustees) on 07930 581732

Chairman’s Report - Year Ending 28 February 2019

Posted on December 10, 2019 at 5:36 AM Comments comments (0)

Since our last AGM, we have made significant progress in providing equipment to help the developing range of outpatient services at Townlands.

Following the AGM presentation by Dr Antoni Chan, Assistant Medical Director and Rheumatology Consultant,  we agreed to fund the entire cost of an ultrasound scanner using the substantial legacy left by our late Chairman, Gerry Andrews.

We facilitated a Bid by Dr Bogdanovic, Neurological Consultant, for a special hand held device and the underwriting of its cost by the Townlands Action Group in memory of the late Cllr Terry Buckett MBE.

We also secured for Miss Bacon, Opthalmological Consultant, specialist equipment for the treatment of young children or those with special needs. We funded this using a legacy from the Late Mrs Muriel Truss.

A legacy, from the Late Mrs Doreen Cave has been used to fund production of a helpful pamphlet to inform the community of the wide range of services at Townlands and how to access them.

We continue to sponsor refreshments for the Bell Surgery Health Talks Series at Townlands.

We welcome to our Committee Dr Jenifer Copeland, who adds to our medical expertise and Mrs Emma Levy who brings fundraising and press experience.

Our Charity, launched in 1955, relies upon support from those in Henley and surrounds who enjoy the services offered at Townlands,

Friends may contribute as little as £10 a year; whilst many make substantial donations which we dedicate to carefully considered  purchases to enhance the patient experience.

Legacies continue to enhance our funding stream .We also have plans to revive fundraising events.

Guy Norgrove ,having moved away, steps down after many years as Treasurer and we thank him for his skill and affable contribution in so many ways  to the work of the Committee, leaving the Friends well set for the future.

We welcome hearing from anyone wishing to become a supporting Friend or with skill sets to offer the Committee.

Another year comes to an end.

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (4)
Another year at Townlands comes to an end, and it has been a successful year for The Friends of Townlands in terms of allocating our charitable resources to timely and appropriate donations to the hospital and visiting consultants. In particular, the Ultrasound Scanner for Rheumatology, and the Clavis device. The Clavis provides muscle and nerve localization wherever needed to accurately guide and monitor injection of medicinal products. It provides EMG recording with audio and stimulation ranging from 0-15 mA with speed and reliability while efficiently operating on battery power.

We will continue to identify new areas where our funds can be put to good use in making any patient's visit to Townlands as good an experience as it can be.

Our AGM will be held at Townlands on Wednesday May 22nd at 7pm, and all are welcome.

2018 AGM Report

Posted on May 17, 2018 at 11:11 AM Comments comments (0)
FROTH had its AGM on May 16th at Townlands Hospital, and we had a good turn out. The minutes were agreed, the reports accepted and the Accounts passed. We also had a very illuminating talk from Dr Antoni Chan the Consultant Rheumatologist from The Royal Berks, who kindly gave us a review of the current activities carried out by local and RBS staff. He also shared with us the overall plan, equipment and staff permitting, of trying to treat Henley and District patients at Townlands for an increasing number of specialities, overseen by Consultants from The Royal Berks. It is becoming clear that the way forward for the charity is to raise funds for equipment for exclusive use at Townlands, removing the need for more and more patients to travel to Reading for treatment. Our purchase of the Bladder Scanner was an example of where the charity can make a difference. Dr Chan speculated that if he could get the most advanced Portable Ultrasound Machine into Townlands, he would treat a much larger number of Rheumatology patients locally. It seems likely that other Consultants would have the same opinion.  This will be discussed by the Committee.

Townlands Today

Posted on May 11, 2018 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)
It seems a long time since I last posted anything about the Hospital, largely because of the delays in starting and finishing it, and then the subsequent delays in getting things working well in the provision of services, which would apply to any organisation supporting the complexities of delivering the wide range of services that it does.

I am happy to report that the Hospital goes from strength to strength, and The FRIENDS OF TOWNLANDS stand ready to respond to those local requirements that can so improve the personal experience of those using the services the hospital provides.

Our first donation to the Hospital resulted from the Treasurers use of the Physiotherapy Department after having a new knee in April 2016. I asked them if there was any equipment lacking in the department that would make a difference, and they immediately said "Treadmill". The Friends agreed to purchase the treadmill on behalf of the Hospital and it has been a resounding success.

Our second donation was the bladder scanner and trolley in 2017 for the Urology Dept, which means that the visiting consultant can have equipment at his disposal that would normally be available at the John Radcliffe or The Royal Berks.

Additionally in the local Bell Surgery, we have supported educational talks by consultants covering a wide field of disciplines, which started in 2017 and continues in 2018.

More New Equipment for Townlands

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 5:18 PM Comments comments (34)
Its been a busy new financial year for the Friends of Townlands, with several important purchases completed, all of which are deployed by the hospital staff to improve the comfort of patients' stay at the hospital.

We have bought:

Rotunda Platform
Bariatric Slings
Ipad and further software for speech therapy. (Full report to follow)
Manual Hydro Tilt 

To make these sorts of high value expenditure we need funds, so please remember us.

Annual Report Available OnLine.

Posted on April 3, 2013 at 6:43 AM Comments comments (24)
In anticipation of the upcoming AGM on April 22nd, the Annual Report for the Year ending February 28th 2013 is attached.

Guy Norgrove: Treasurer.

The Aphasia Testing Software: A user Speaks

Posted on February 28, 2013 at 10:31 AM Comments comments (253)
We only recently approved the donation to purchase this important rehab tool, and we received this email from the main user.

From: Chitty Lynda (RNU) Oxford Health 
Sent: 28 February 2013 12:41
To: Howman Avril (RNU) Oxford Health
Subject: League of Friends

Dear Avril, I wonder if you would pass on my huge thanks to members of the League of Friends who were involved in the decision to purchase and iPad for the Speech & Language Therapy department here at Townlands.I have now made the purchase and it will be ‘put to work’ immediately. I believe it is going to be an immense adjunct to our clinical work and I am very appreciative of this generosity.Should anyone be interested in seeing some of the apps I would be happy to demonstrate! Kind Regards Lynda  

Lynda ChittySenior Specialist Speech & Language Therapist


Posted on February 28, 2013 at 10:26 AM Comments comments (170)
As we come to the end of the first year of our Website, I thought we ought to review how it has been used to date. We only envisaged the site as a landing page for interest, as none of us, as volunteers have the time or in most cases the capacity to make this a more interactive Web presence, but we continue to try.

Over the year the Site has been visited nearly 900 times, and has had 1250 page hits. I admit the first hundred was probably me viewing what I had created, but I think it might have served its immediate purpose.

We now plan to use the Blog page to announce our purchases on behalf of the patients at Townlands, so here goes for the recent past:

Comprehensive Aphasia Testing Software Speech Therapy office  
Ultra low bed for dementia patients Peppard Ward                                 
Bariatric bedside chair Physiotherapy dept   
Drinks vending machine for patient, visitors –ward based Peppard ward entrance   
Riester Naso pharyngoscope x 2 OPD   
Over bed tables x 9 - Peppard Ward 2010       
Hospital vehicle for patient use – lease contract Parked on site  
Alarm chair pads x 3 - ward Peppard ward   Phlebotomy chair and treatment chair MIU   Rotundas x 2 Peppard ward / OT dept  
Air beds x 2 Peppard ward                                
Examination couches x 2 - MIU MIU treatment room   
Extra low electric beds x 10 Peppard Ward   
Maxi move hoist Peppard Ward   
IOL master – eye equipment OPD Consulting clinic                         
Window blinds for all areas Peppard Ward   
Commodes x 4 Peppard Ward ●● 
Decorate dayroom Peppard Ward-   
Side rooms wall mounted TV Peppard Ward side rooms   
Cabinet for log mar charts OPD